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A vintage mid-century modern rambler,

with updated decor

& fabulous curb appeal.


Leslie Jordan


David Hyde Pierce

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About Me

Michael has been acting for over 50 years, having first stepped on stage in High School and getting a huge laugh on his entrance during a production of Ten Little Indians.  He was hooked and so the journey began.  Michael has appeared in a slew of productions throughout the midwest and west coasts and has enjoyed a varied and wonderful journey so far.


Calling Los Angeles his home for the last 23 years, Michael has appeared in such regional premier theatrical productions as Parade and The Light in the Piazza along with Our Leading Lady.  On both the big and small screens Michael has performed in roles on Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom, with Jeff Daniels and Port Charles.  The Big screen has seen Michael in the cult classic Elves, Blue Streak along with countless independent productions.  Michael has also performed guest starring roles in such wonderful productions like Old Dogs, New Tricks and InBetween. 

Recently Michael has formed his own production company 2 J Productions and is looking forward to branching out into writing and producing.  Check out the website for 2 J to find out when you can catch his newest project coming soon 


Character Types

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