• Michael Tatlock

What I did on my Covid vacation?

So I am wondering what is going on right now with the world? We have come out of lock down and the business of acting is beginning to come out of the slumber that it has been laboring under for the past few months. What is on the other side of the veil? What does the future hold for me? What does it hold for those that I love? All important questions, that I don't have an answer for. I just know that there is a path forward for all of us and we now get to find it and navigate our way forward the best we can.

When we entered into the Covid slumber, I had so many ideas of how I was going to spend my covid vacation. I was in the middle of taking classes and polishing my craft. I jumped on the baking jag, and learned that I can make fairly decent cakes from scratch. I also can make a killer cheesecake. I learned that I am thrifty and resourceful in being able to source toilet paper online and stockpiling it with the best of them. I signed up for a bookkeeping class and found that I enjoy bookkeeping and sort of understand it. Am I going to do it as a side hustle? Who knows, since I have had so many iterations of a side hustle over the years. When I say years, I mean decades, since that is exactly how long I have been doing the side hustle bit, waiting to get that big break.

I decided to learn how to crochet, and I am still waiting to do that one. I stopped working out at the gym and began working out at home, since gyms were verbotten. The bad thing is I miss going to the gym, the good thing is I have lost almost 20 lbs. Not a lot but still not too bad. I had lofty goals people. I had a big to do list of things I wanted to get done during the time of covid. I still do. The to do list is still there, but not sure if it is as important as it once was. I question a lot of things now and their importance.

Somewhere along the line I became much more aware, that I was missing something in my life. A deep yearning to be an do something more, than what is expected of me as an actor, as a person, as an inhabitant of this planet we occupy. Lofty sounding I know, but there is that thread that is being pulled and new depths to be explored in and through my acting. It appears that there are new threads and textures and colors being introduced to this tapestry that is my life, that I am just beginning to explore and examine. New perspectives and new opportunities are arising each day with moments of amazing insights and revelations coming in all the time.

So how did I spend my Covid vacation? Exploring. Exploring myself and constructing a new website and learning how to put one together and now publish it. I am learning to do other things, that I hope to reveal on this site soon. But most of all I wanted to open and welcome you to my website and to this blog where I will try and write about the evolution of me as an actor and as a person. I hope you enjoy the journey. If so, then feel free to leave a comment. If not, then pass on and thanks for visiting. I would love to hear how you were/are copping with the time of Covid and any insights you may have. Welcome and I hope you enjoy yourself.

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